Accordian Help


Is there a way to program the expanding and collaspsing of the accordian sections in code ? I want to automate the accordian expanding the sections automatically


Try setting the open property on the section you want to open:

SEssentialsAccordionSection *section = myAccordion.sections[0];
[section setOpen:YES];



ahh ok thats great I never would of gotten that from the docs. I was just trying [section open]; - cheers


I just had a look through the user guide and you’re right, whilst it does explain that the open property on the section allows programatic control, it doesn’t give any example code. I’ve raised a task to improve this section of our user guide, so hopefully this will stop another developer getting stuck in the same trap as you!

Thanks for your feedback.


Is it possible to display or hide controls (tableViewCells) in an accordian section? If it’s dumb question I appoligize, I’m new to ShinobiControls.