Accordion Not Retaining Content


I’m using version 2.0 with iOS7 with Xcode 5.x with ARC enabled.

When I copied your getting started code into my project, the Hello World headers don’t expand to show the content.  When I checked, the pointers returned by contentForSection: are null.

If I run your sample code, it works correctly.  I can’t see any differences in the project settings, but there must be something.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


By changing the order of things, I got it to work, so I’m not touching it!


Hi Giebler,

Thank you for raising that. We’ll investigate that issue at our end, and work out what is going on there. I’m glad you got things working for now, at least that means you can get on with your app development!




Hi Giebler,

Could you give me a little bit more information about what you changed to get it working? Or perhaps, if you sent in your original project that wasn’t working, I could figure out whether there is an issue in our framework or not.

If you want us to take a look, email the project into referencing this forum thread. Otherwise, good luck with the rest of your development!  :grin: