ACKMidPointSmoother line connecting start and end when using ACKFixedPointSamplerController for other series


I have two SChartLineSeries in my chart. One is using the ACKMidPointSmoother and the other one is using ACKFixedPointSamplerController and they both display the same data.

Whenever I use update the sampling for zoom level on the line with the ACKFixedPointSamplerController I get a strange line on the other series that uses the ACKMidpointSmoother that connects the first point to the last. How can I avoid this?

extension MyViewController:SChartDelegate{
public func sChart(_ chart: ShinobiChart, didAlterRangeOn axis: SChartAxis) {
self.sampler.updateSampling(forZoomLevel: CGFloat(chart.xAxis!.zoom()), reloading: chart)


Hi siper,

I’ve had a go at trying to reproduce the issue you describe and I’m afraid I haven’t had any luck. Would it be possible for you to send in a small sample that demonstrates the problem?

Many thanks,



Hi! I decided not to go with the ACKFixedSamplerController as it was better to use a windower instead of a sampler to limit my data.