Add own commands to SEssentialsSlidingOverlayToolbar?


In laying out an iPhone app using the slideringoverlay, I’m really needing to use the toolbar area to add some commands.  What I really want is to use that real estate in the way Facebook does (their slider command is on the far right, and they have a search command on the far left) and Yammer does (Yammer has the slider on the left, and mail/alert widgets placed at the center of the toolbar).

Looking at the documentation for the SEssentialsSlidingOverlayToolbar, I don’t see hooks that would allow for extensibility.  What I really nee is to be able to create some buttons and add them as subviews of the toolbar, then receive those commands back (perhaps through a delegate?).  Before I start hacking around, is this something that’s possible and/or supported?




Hi Rob,

Take a look at this blog post by Chris Grant. It sounds to me like it might really help!




Thanks, the technique in Chris Grant’s blog post did help, and I can get the level fo customization that I need now.