Adding tab to SEssentialsTabbedView doesn't set tab active


I’ve just updated to 2.5, and am using Xamarin.iOS. When adding a tab to a SEssentialsTabbedView the tab used to become active, now it doesn’t. Is this an intended change or a bug?



Hi Stuart,

This is an intended change, however you can still restore the previous functionality using the SEssentialsTabbedViewDelegate method “tabbedView:didAddTab:”. Simply call [tabbedView activateTab:tab] from there, and you activate any tabs which are added to the Tabbed View.

As a side note, the reason this functionality was taken out was to support the idea of a Lazy datasource, which only loads the content for a tab when it becomes active. When all tabs were activated upon being added, then the datasource would be hit with all the requests for content simultaneously, which for some users caused a heavy load.