Age pyramid with Shinobi Charts iOS


Is it possible to create an age pyramid using shinobi charts, which looks like the following image? Can you please let me know how to do it if it’s possible?


You will probably want to make that as 2 charts together, both using SChartBarSeries.

To get the bars touching, you will want to set the “ = @0;”. You will also want to turn off one of the axis labels for one of the y-axes.

For the Y-axes, you’ll want to use an SChartCategoryAxis, with categories of “0-4”, “5-9”, etc.

Finally, the chart on the left will need a reversed axis. You simply set this with “yAxis.axisPosition = SChartAxisPositionReverse;”

Looks like an interesting project. You’ll have to keep us in the loop!


Hi tkelly,

thanks very much for your quick and detailed support!



I think the Shinobi tutorials have a chart almost exactly like this one too: