Anchor points for Android


In ShinobiControls for iOS we can set the anchor point for a chart, but the analogous function for Android is not public. To use it I had to create a package with the same name (com.shinobicontrols.charts) and write a public wrapper. This is obviously not a good practice, so maybe it would be better if Shinobi exposed that setter for us.

Or is there some reason that the method was left with “package” visibility? If so, is there another way to accomplish the same result?


Hello Tang,

Thanks for getting in touch.

As you have spotted, Anchor points are not currently exposed on ShinobiCharts for Android. Currently Anchor points are used internally by the library, hence the package private markings of the associated methods. We do strive to bring parity between our iOS and Android products but we prioritise features based on customer request. I will therefore register your interest in having this feature added to the Api, but I cannot at this point provide any time scales. 

In the meantime, you may be able to achieve something similar (to anchoring) by using a default axis data range and a custom tick mark frequency, or providing a custom range of tick mark values. 

Please see the api doc links below:<T>)<T>)

I hope that you find this information helpful. If you need any further assistance please get back in touch.




I’m also interested in this feature, since this is possible to do in iOS and I need to implement the same feature in Android.


Hi all,

The anchor points feature is a popular request among our users and so, while I’m not able to give any specific time frame, this is high up on our priority list and will be one of the next features developed.

We’ll post back on here when the feature is available in the ShinobiCharts for Android library.

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