Android - Anonymous NumberAxis does not compile in Eclipse


We are overriding the getFormattedString method on the NumberAxis to format our axis values.  In IDEA and Ant, the following code compiles, but in Eclipse it does not.  In IDEA, I do get a red underline in the editor that says “Class ‘Anonymous class derived from NumberAxis’ must either be declared abstract or implement abstract method ‘f(U)’ in ‘Axis’”

final NumberAxis numberAxis = new NumberAxis(range) {
            public String getFormattedString(final Double value) {
                if (axisStyle != null && axisStyle.getFormatter() != null) {
                    return axisStyle.getFormatter().format(value);

                return super.getFormattedString(value);


Hi aderington,

This was actaually a bug for which we’ve provided a fix in our latest release (v1.5). This latest version can be found in the Customer Portal and the trial version is available from

Kind regards,