[Android] Bar/Column series style -- rounded corner



We are looking for a way to make the tip of each bar or column ‘rounded’.

The android API seems to be missing the ‘cornerRatio’ ability that we can find in iOS, is there any information on when this feature would be available on Android?


If anyone knows a workaround to have ‘rounded’ corners on the bar/column series, that could also help.


Hi ymelo,

At the moment the cornerRatio feature isn’t available in the Android version of  shinobicharts. However, we’re currently making some internal changes to the library to enable us to add this feature and so while I’m not able to say exactly when this functionality will be available it is definitely on our development roadmap. And I will certainly register your interest in this feature - we prioritise our development based on customer feedback so it’s always useful to know what functionality is needed by our users.

For now, it could be worth looking at the Annotations feature to add rounded corners to the columns/bars - how straight forward this would be will depend on a number of factors such as number of data points, which gestures are enabled etc.

Kind regards,