Android - Candlestick "Stick" color incorrect


I’m trying to style my Candlestick chart with a gray stick.  However, the stick is being colored by the candle color (red or green) and not the gray color I specificed.

Can you tell me what I’ve got wrong?

final CandlestickSeriesStyle style = candlestickSeries.getStyle();



Hi aderington,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I can confirm it is a bug on our side.

We’ll look to getting a fix in for this as soon as possible but in the meantime a workaround, assuming your intention is to hide the outline, is instead of setting the outline width to 0, set the outline color to Color.parseColor("#00010101"). Basically any color other than black with its alpha component set to 0.

Kind regards and my apologies for the inconvenience.



Hi aderington,

Just to let you know we’ve now released v1.6.0 of ShinobiCharts for Android which includes a fix for this bug. It’s available in the Customer Portal and as a trial download from

Kind regards,