Android - Datapoints disappear on update


I am attempting to updated data in series for a Column chart. Everytime I add data to the data adapter for the series, the x and y axis will update their range appropiatly but all data point on the chart dissapear. Is there something else I need to do to get the data points to re-draw. I have tried chart.redrawChart().


Hi Ryanb

Thanks for getting in touch!

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with ShinobiCharts for Android. To answer your question, if you are using the provided SimpleDataAdapter class, you do not need to invoke a method such as redrawChart. Adding new data points will automatically notify the series.

Can you please advise:

Which DataAdapter implementation are you using, SimpleDataAdapter, or your own implementation?

Are you running your code on a real device or an emulator? If a real device, what device please?

What Android API level is the device (or emulator) running?

If at all possible could you please provide a snippet of your code where the data is being loaded?

I am assuming from what you say that the initial data renders correctly?




I’ve found what the problem was. I was duplicating a data pont. It looks like duplicating a data point on the graph causes all of the data point to dissapear from the graph.