Android: Error creating SupportChartFragment within another fragment (1)



I’m using a ViewPager to contain fragments, and would like to embed a Shinobi SupportChartFragment within each fragment. However, I get an exception while inflating the view: 

android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #10: Error inflating class fragment

It’s not obvious from the callstack what’s going on, but if I break on exceptions, this is the exception which is causing it (

    public void setRetainInstance(boolean retain) {
        if (retain && mParentFragment != null) {
            throw new IllegalStateException(
                    "Can't retain fragements that are nested in other fragments");               }
       mRetainInstance = retain;

I understand that using a ChartView might be another way of doing it, but I’m reluctant to start out integrating a componnt which requires me to use deprecated code. If in the future Google decided to retire those calls, i’d be stuck.

Is there any other way of making it work?




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Hi - the link you posted takes me to my original question. Is this what you meant?



Just to clarify - my colleague Patrick did mean to do this. Your question seemed to be posted twice, this post being the duplicate (notice the -(1) suffix in the url) . Patrick has provided a response to the first copy of this thread, the link to which he provided above. 

I hope that this clears things up.