[Android] Graph points shakey when scrolling


When scrolling the graph, the graphed points/lines are shakey. The background grid lines move smoothly, but the points/lines seem to jump around (not a very large amount, but still noticeable). It seems that the points/lines are not “synced” to the background grid lines. Is there anyway to get this smoother?




Hello Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear that you are noticing shaking when scrolling a ShinobiChart. The series (for example lines) and points are drawn using open GL, whereas grid lines are drawn using native Android api methods. As such particularly on slower devices it is feasible that a small lag could be noticed. One suggestion I would like to make is to review any method calls being made which handle the laying out and drawing of the chart. Specifically, making excessive calls to the redrawChart() method may cause issues similar to what you describe. 

I would like to mention that we do base our future development on customer demand and as such I will make a note of this for future review by our development team. We do appreciate your feedback.

Thanks and kind regards,



Hello Kai,

Thanks for the reply. Just so you know, I see this happening on any device I test with, from slower devices, to brand new devices with plenty of processing power. We didn’t notice it too much before, because in the graphs we had made before, the points were all very close together, and there wasn’t much need to scroll it. For this latest project, the points are all on the grid lines, so being that they’re so spread out, you notice it a lot more (that, and this new chart draws the points, whereas our other ones did not). I’ve optimized the code as much as possible, and I don’t ever call redrawChart(). 

It’s not a huge thing, but it is noticeable, and looks choppy when scrolling. We can live with it for now, but it would be great if this could be addressed in the future (we purchases a license).

Thanks again,



Hi Ryan,

Thanks very much for the extra information. We’re always looking to improve the performance of our charts and will certainly consider your comments going forward.

Thanks again for the feedback.