Android: Graph with dual y-axis


Hi How to create a graph with dual y-Axis in Android.

The following code does not work:

NumberAxis yAxis = new NumberAxis();

NumberAxis yAxisLeft = new NumberAxis();




I think you’ve already emailed us this question, but I’ll copy the response here (slightly redacted), so you can pick which channel you prefer to use.

Multiple axes are a Premium feature of ShinobiCharts in the iOS version and are not yet implemented in the Android version. As the API documentation says “Only one y axis is supported and any attempts to add further y axes will be ignored.”

We’re adding features incrementally to bring the Android version up the level of the iOS version (Standard features first, then Premium) over a number of fairly frequent (monthly) releases, with V1.2 due out with Selection and Crosshairs, provisionally scheduled for mid-November. <…>

The prioritisation in our roadmap beyond the forthcoming release is flexible and driven by customer demand, so please let me know what features you require for your app. Obviously I can’t promise anything, as we have many customers with different priorities and we do intend to complete the Standard version before embarking on Premium features, but it’s possible that we may be able to let you have some of what you need sooner rather than later.

Best regards,

Robin Sillem