Android:java:datagrid: freeze column


Is it possible with the current release (andriid,java) to freeze columns in a datragrid? 


Hi gargy,

The frozen columns feature is not yet available in the current version of  shinobigrids for Android, though it certainly is on our development roadmap and is quite a popular request.

That said, it should be fairly straight forward to achieve the same effect with two separate ShinobiGridViews, with one holding just the column to be frozen. By not setting a default or minimum column width on that ShinobiGridView the frozen column will fill the space it is given so won’t be able to be scrolled horizontally.

To get the vertical scrolling in sync you should be able to add a RecyclerView.OnScrollListener implementation that handles synchronising the vertical scrolling to the data GridRecyclerView of both ShinobiGridViews. We do something very similar with the header and data GridRecyclerViews to get horizontal scrolling in sync.

I hope that helps!




I want to know about this topic, does Shinobi Grid already have freeze columns feature now?

Thanks in advance


Hi Mr X.
Thanks for your enquiry. Currently this is not something that has been added to the android shinobi grid functionality. We do base our development roadmap on customer demand and as such I have updated our backlog to include your interest in it. I apologise for not being able to be any more specific.


I use this approach for a long time and i have some issues. Sometimes when there is a change in dataset it is possible to lose synchronization between HeaderRecyclerView/DataRecyclerView of non frozen grid or between DataRecyclerView of frozen grid and DataRecyclerView of non frozen grid.

I do not know if it is problem of my implementation or there is problem with the internal listeners.
Also we can not get the X,Y of the recyclerView in order to synchronize them again.

For the loss of synchronization between HeaderRecyclerView/DataRecyclerView i created an OnScrollListener which just keeps track of the coordinations of header in order to be able get the X and synchronize them. It works but it seems to be a bit laggy

For the loss of synchronization between the DataRecyclerViews, I just scroll them to position 0 but i do not like very much this approach.

Are you going to implement this functionality any time soon? Are you going to expose X,Y of RecyclerViews?


Hello St4B.
I am afraid that we currently have not implemented frozen columns on shinobigrids for Android as we are currently focussed on developing our shinobicharts and Advanced Charting Kit products.
When you say “between HeaderRecyclerView/DataRecyclerView of non frozen grid” I trust you mean during horizontal scrolling?
When you say “between DataRecyclerView of frozen grid and DataRecyclerView of non frozen grid” I trust you mean during vertical scrolling? Please correct me if I am wrong.
Can I please suggest you contact us at Perhaps you could send us a small cut down working sample app which demonstrates the problem. We could take a look at your code to see if we can spot any problems or suggest improvements?