Android labels hidden with negative tick gap


I am displaying a line series with an area line color and FillStyle.FLAT. 

I am trying to display the x axis labels within the plot area of the chart, using 


The labels are displayed within the plot area, but behind and obscured by the line series.

Is there any way I can get them to display on top?


Hi Gary.

Currently, shinobicharts for Android does not offer the facility to place the tick marks and labels over the plot area in the way which you describe. We do base our future development on our customer demand, and as such I have added an item to our backlog covering this. I cannot advise if or when this feature will be added to the library, but it will be assessed and prioritised. 

In the meantime, whilst I am not fully clear on your use-case, am I right in saying that if you did not have a fill present, the tick marks and labels would be visible? If so, you may be able to raise the bottom edge of your fill be modifying the base line of the series. This may of course not suit your requirements but it is an option.

Another approach is to manually add these items to your application’s layout, completely outside of the shinobicharts library. Essentially the idea is to lay a transparent View over the top of your chart, with the tick marks and labels added. This is not a simple task but it is possible. It does not suit all use-cases. For example if dealing with a lot of tick marks, or if using gestures this approach may not suit. 

This approach has been discussed recently, in the context of grid lines. You can find this discussion at this link:

I hope that this helps you,

Thanks Kai.


Thanks. Its a shame I can’t do it, but I really appreciate your comprehensive response, and there’s some options for me to experiment with!





You are very welcome. Please let us know how you get on!