Android - loadDataInBackground equivelant


I’m in the process of porting my app to android and was wondering if there was an equivelent method for loadDataInBackground available?

My SimpleDataAdapter has 65000 data points and I’m using the addall method. It does take some time for it to load, 2-3 seconds typically. It was very convienient to have “Loading…” text appear on the iOS version of the app.

Do I need to just create a background thread manually or is there a better way?


Hi ldsather,

We don’t currently have an equivalent of the loadDataInBackground property (and therefore ‘Loading…’ functionality) in the Android version of  shinobicharts.

I’ll certainly make a note of your request for this - we prioritise development based on customer feedback so it’s always helpful to know what features our users need the most.

Kind regards,