Android Range getMinimum and getMaximum not public


I have some generic code that doesn’t care the exact type of the range, but I can’t retrieve getMinimum and getMaximum without explicitly casting to DateRange or NumberRange. Please make those two methods public - I can’t see any reason to have reduced visibility in the superclass since they’re public in the subclasses.



Hi Radu,

As well as producing ShinobiCharts for Android as a native Android library, we also provide Xamarin.Android bindings with our download bundle.

The reason why the getMaximum and getMinimum methods are only visible on the subclasses is to do with how the binding process works and while I can appreciate it may seem a little strange from an API perspective there a number of complexities involved in this binding process which have to be considered (for example, the difference between the implementations of generics in Java and in C#).

That said, I’ll certainly mark this down as something to look at further to see if there’s any other way to make this easier for our users in situations similar to yours above.

Kind regards,