Android : setLicenseKey is depricated


I have just started exploring Shinobi Chart java trial version 1.9.2 with Android Studio. I have observed following issue

  1. Get ShinobiChart object from chartFragment.
  2. Apply trial license key with method “shinobiChart.setLicenseKey("<trial - key>");
  3. It displays a warning that setLicenseKey is deprecated.

So is there any alternate method available? Or it is a known issue?

Thanks & Regards


Hi Nilesh,

The new method name to use is setTrialKey - we recently changed the name to make it clearer that the key is just for trials and not for paid versions of the software.

Please could you let us know where you found the reference to setLicenseKey? We thought we’d updated all of the docs but it looks like we’ve missed something somewhere.




Thanks aclarke for the reply.
I was following the Quick Start Guide – Java It has following description

"If you have downloaded a trial version of shinobicharts you will have been issued with a trial license key. You will need to give this key to the chart in order for it to be displayed. You can do this as follows:

Make sure you change <license_key_here> to the trial license key you were given! "


Hi Nilesh,

Thank you for letting us know. We will update our web page to reflect this API change. Apologies for the confusion.