Android - Setting Cartesian Series Baseline


Is there a way to set the baseline for a series in Android? iOS has the helpful cartesian series baseline property but I can’t find anything like it for Android.




Hi kjpublic01,

At the moment ShinobiCharts for Android doesn’t allow setting the baseline for a series - it is set to 0 by default and cannot currently be changed. However, our intention is to bring the Android feature-set inline with the iOS version and while I can’t give you a specific time scale this is on our roadmap. We prioritise development based  on customer demand so I’ll certainly take note of your request.

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I also need to be able to set the baseline for a chart on Android.  Without the ability to set the baseline, my gradient for a LineSeries does not display correctly and I am unable to achieve our styling requirements.

If you could find out when this feature would become available, it will help us decide whether to move forward with Shinobi charts for Android.




Hi Angella,

I’ve answered this and your other question in your other forum post:

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Hi guys,

Just to let you know we’ve now released v1.5 of ShinobiCharts for Android which allows you to set a custom baseline on series. It’s available in the Customer Portal and as a trial version from

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