Android Shinobi Annotation Error


Dear All,

In Shinobi graph, i use annotationsManager.addViewAnnotation() to add heart symbol to every data point. When there are many many data points, the heart symbol is off from the data point (when we expand the graph). Please help me fix this bug. Thank you.




Hello Victor,

Thanks for getting in touch. 

I notice in your chart you have two y axes, one at the normal position and one at the reverse position. Can you please confirm that when you set the new annotation via the addViewAnnotation method, you are passing in the correct x and y axes which correspond to the data x and y positions of the points, which the heart symbols should overlap? Sometimes an error is made where people can unwittingly pass in the incorrect x or y axis. If a normal and a reverse (in your case y) axis have a similar data range, the annotations can look initially like they are in the correct position. Only when the chart is zoomed does one spot the error. I am wondering if this is the case here.

Can you please confirm that this issue only occurs once you zoom into the chart? Am I to assume that initially, when the chart is first rendered, the heart symbol Views are positioned correctly? Can you please advise if panning from left or right causes the bug which you describe?

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hi Kai,

Yes, i pass in the correct y axis value. Yes, initially, when the chart is first rendered, the heart symbol Views are positioned correctly. Panning from left or right , does not cause the issue.

This issue only occurs once i zoom into the chart. The X axis range is from 1970-2014. When i zoom into 2014-7-08, the heart symbols are off the data point. I also notice that “when i pan the graph by a small distance, the heart symbols move, but the data point does not move”. This is obviously a problem, the annotation cannot handle zooming from 44 years (2014 minus1970) to a single day.




Hello Victor, just to let you know I have sent you an email regarding this issue.