Android Shinobi Colour Band


Hi All,

I want to draw a colour band in the middle of a shinobi graph, as below. I try to use the code below, but i find that it will fill to the bottom of the graph. Is the a function that i can fill, say between value 98 to100 of Y-axis ?

LineSeriesStyle style = seriesThresholdPR.getStyle();


 style.setAreaColorGradient(Color.argb(100, 255, 165, 0));

 style.setAreaColorBelowBaseline(Color.argb(100, 255, 165, 0));

 style.setAreaColorGradientBelowBaseline(Color.argb(100, 255, 165, 0));






See the screenshot below. I want to show the color band between 60 to 100 of y axis. Why is the color band always starting from zero ? Furthermore, why the color band cannot cover the whole range of y axis ?


Hi All,

I did the color band using annotation feature,  such as below:

Annotation colorBand = annotationsManager.addHorizontalBandAnnotation(yRange, shinobiChart.getXAxis(), shinobiChart.getYAxis());





Hi Victor,

Glad to see you got it sorted - yeah, Annotations are perfect for that kind of thing.

Thanks for sharing your solution with the community!