Android Shinobi Y axis shown in integer scale only



I want to display Y axis in integer scale only. Below is the code snippet. However, the Y axis is shown in decimal value, such as 92.0, 92.5, 93.0…

How to force the Shinobi to display Y axis in integer value only?

DataAdapter<Date, Integer> dataAdapter11 = new SimpleDataAdapter<Date, Integer>();

Data<Date, Integer> dp = new DataPoint<Date, Integer>(xxxx, yyyy);


yAxis.setDefaultRange(new NumberRange(…, …));




Hello Victor,

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In order to achieve this you can format the numeric values on your Y axis. So for example you could provide a format to force the numbers to display as integers. You could do this using the api method HERE.

Please bear in mind that tick mark values of 92.0, 92.5 will both be formatted as 92. As such you may wish to force the major tick mark frequency on your Y axis to be 1. You can do this by using the setMajorTickFrequency method. Please see the api docs for this method HERE.

I hope that you find this information useful. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get back in touch.




Hi Kai,

Your suggested solution is working, thank you.