Android: Show crosshair on click not long press



Is there a way to show a chart crosshair when the chart is clicked on, instead of when a long press occurs?

It seems under iOS there is a way to re-define the lenght of a long click.  So I guess it would be possible to redfine the long press to be short enough to count as a click.  However it seems there is no way to do this under Android.

  • Luke


Hi Luke,

With ShinobiCharts for Andoird, the Crosshair can only be shown by performing a long press gesture and the length of a long press is taken from the Android defaults. There is no way to redefine this through our API (and as far as I’m aware no way through the Android framework either, though I may be wrong!).

At present the Crosshair cannot be programmatically shown but I can see how this feature would help your use case (you could then potentially use our OnGestureListener() to programmatically show the crosshair when a single touch event occurs). We’re always interested in feedback from our users and prioritise feature development based on customer demand. As such I will certainly make a note of your requirement for this though I cannot give any guarantees as to if and when this would be added to our library.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help!

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Hi Luke,

Just to let you know the latest version of shinobicharts for Android (v1.7.2) which has been released today allows you to define the length of a long press - see the API docs.

This should allow you to make the Crosshair appear on what seems like a single tap.

As per usual, the latest version of is available in the Customer Portal -

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