Android Snapshot Not Working


The Android OnSnapshotDoneListener is giving back a bitmap with only the axis, the chart is completely empty, both are showing on the chart but the bitmap is does not contain the chart. Please fix this issue.


Hello bwhite.

Thanks for getting in touch. We are not aware of any current issues with the snapshot code within our Android library. Could you please provide some additional details:

Have you tried your app to see if this issue occurs on different versions of Android?

If so, which versions does the issue occur / not occur please?

Similarly, have you been able to test for this issue on different devices? If so, could you please provide details on which devices you have seen the issue and those which you have not?

Could you please post a snippet of code to show how you are capturing the snapshot?

Finally, could you please tell us a little more about the layout of your application? Ideally if you could post the relevant xml where appropriate this would be helpful for us to track down the cause of the issue.