Android with proguard problem


Hi there,

When I build my app with shinobli charts for Android as a APK, and install the apk it works.

When I enable proguard, the app starts, but whenever I want to display a chart, the app crashes. With a backtrace to the

I tried with the following options in proguard.cfg

-libraryjars libs/shinobicharts-android-standard-1.1.2.jar

-keep class com.shinobicontrols.**

But that won’t work. Does anyone know the right options for proguard in combination with Shinobi Charts?

Thanks, Harm


Ok, found the solution myself. :slight_smile: It should be:

-libraryjars libs/shinobicharts-android-standard-1.1.2.jar

-keep class com.shinobicontrols.** { *; }