AndroidChart: Discontinious DateTimeAxis?



I am evaluating the Android and iOS charting, and when plotting intraday quotes where market is not open 24h the discontinous datetime axis is essential to provide a good looking chart. This axis is available in the iOS chart (but currently suffers from a performance issue) but is missing completly in the Android dito. I know it is early days for Android chart, but I am wondering if/when this feature will be available. OR if the current DateTimeAxis is extensible to solve this by user code?

Best regards
Lars Krog-Jensen


Hi Lars,

You’re quite right, the discontinuous axis feature is not yet implemented in the Android version, though it is present in the iOS version. 

We released V1.0 of the product with a minimum core feature set (less than the iOS Standard version) for fairly simple charts with limited customisability, which suffice for a reasonable proportion of our customers, and the Early Bird pricing scheme reflected this. We’re adding features incrementally to bring it up the level of the iOS version (Standard first, then Premium) over a number of fairly frequent (monthly) releases. Version V1.1 is now out, with bar charts, legends, and axis styling. V1.2 will follow in about 2 weeks with Selection, Crosshairs, Grlidlines and stripes.

The prioritisation in our roadmap beyond the forthcoming release is flexible and driven by customer demand. Discontinuous axes are a Premium feature in the iOS product, but up till now we have had no demand for them in the Android version, so they have not been high up the priority list. Now that you have expressed an interest, we’ll move them up in priority, but to be honest I would not expect to see them implemented in either of the next 2 releases. This pushes the likely date to early 2014.

The current API does not expose the methods you would need to override in order to provide this functionality yourself. While in principle it is simple (and a non-breaking change) to make package private methods protected, in practice the amount of work required to ensure that your scenario and - crucially - all others that might make use of these methods would work correctly is pretty much equivalent to providing the discontinuous axis feature. 

I’m sorry to have to disappoint you with this, but I would not wish to have you relying on delivery promises we cannot keep.

Best regards,

Robin Sillem

Lead Developer,



Hi Lars,

I hope that you are well.

I’d just like to let you know that a new release of ShinobiCharts for Android is available for download, version 1.7.0. Included in this release is a feature which I know you have previously asked for; discontinuous axes.

If you have an active support contract you can download the latest version from the customer support portal at Otherwise you can download a trial of this release at

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks and kind regards,