Animating charts in android via separate thread


I’m currently testing this API, and i’m trying to make a bar chart app in android. My question is, can i “animate” the bars, when the data gets changed, via calling the redraw method in certain time intervals on a separate work thread? Thanks in advance.


Hello Wolf,

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ShinobiCharts for Android currently does not natively support animation, although this is on our development road map. While I’m not able to give you a time scale for this at the moment, we do prioritise feature development based on customer demand so I’ll certainly register your interest in it.

In the meantime as for animating the bars in the way which you suggest, this is something that we have never tried to do. I notice that you say you would like to redraw the chart, via your worker thread, to cause animation when the data set is modified. I would like to point out that ShinobiCharts for Android will currently redraw if a SimpleDataAdapter (which is connected to a series) has its data changed (such as a data point being added or removed). Caution therefore would be needed to avoid unnecessary, duplicated redraws. Furthermore, if you are making calls to the redrawChart method in a separate thread, you may need to post these calls back to the main UI thread in order for them to be executed.

My recommendation would be for you to download our free trial and have a go, to see if you can achieve a suitable animation. 

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