Animating the refresh of a series' style


Hello. I’ve created a series with a certain color for the fill. In response to certain actions I’d like to change the fill color of the series’ style to a different color with a fade animation.

Right now I’m having to modify the style and redraw the chart using redrawChartAndGL:, but this doesn’t seem optimized nor does it allow me to animate the change. How can I do this? Thanks!


Hi Jwilling,

The only way you’ll be able to redraw your chart’s GL view is to use the method you mentioned. When you call this method the chart has to rebuffer the entire graphics layer so that explains the performance issues you are seeing. At the moment we are revamping the entire graphics backend to fully support data streaming so impovements to this may well be included in a future release. I have added an issue into our backlog as this is definitely the right time for us to discuss this.

As for series style animation, this isn’t currently possible either, but this is a good idea and I have added this onto our backlog as a feature to investigate so this will also be discussed in the future.