Annotations on plot area


Is it possible to display any text on the plot area? I’m charting some timed data and some of the data points have annotations/comments that would need to be displayed on the chart. Alternatively, I’d be ok with being able to display a custom control/indicator that could be tapped to display the comment(s).




I noticed the iOS version has support for annotations, however I can’t find an equivalent on the Android version. Is this feature planned for future releases of Android? Any ETA?


Hi Radu,

As you have found, the current version of ShinobiCharts for Android doesn’t include the Annotations feature. However, this is something we’re working on right now and expect it to be in the upcoming release, V1.4. This release has been provisionally scheduled for mid to late March.

One thing to note is, like with the iOS ShinobiCharts, the Annotations feature is only available in the premium version.

Kind regards,