Automatically remove time-gaps from DateTimeAxis on x-axis


Is there an easy way to remove time-gaps from a chart’s x-axis? I have seen that there is a class called SChartDiscontinuousDateTimeAxis but it looks like you have to manually add each missing period for it to skip.

If I have regular data-points, one per day, but some days are missing, is there an easy way such that each data-point I provide is regularly spaced on the graph? So if I have Mon, Wed, Fri, Mon, Wed, Fri, Mon, Wed, Fri, etc. then I will see a regular-looking graph for each data-point (even though the time-gap between Fri-Mon is more, the spacing when rendered would be the same)?

Perhaps the best way would be not to use a DateTime Axis so that it just treats each data-point as a single increment along the X-Axis? But in this case, how would the labels work?

Any advice appreciated.

Edit: Sorry if that’s confusing… maybe this helps explain it…

I have irregular dates, but I want to display each one (that I do have) equally spaced along the X-Axis. And I want the date-labels to still be correct.