Axis Title Position


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I am trying to get the axis title to appear horizontally over top of the y-axis. Using the SChartAxisTitleStyle I am able to get the title to be positioned on the top and have a horizontal orientation, but I need the label to be on top of the axis. When I have those positioned like that the following screenshot is what it looks like. I would want to have the y-axis go underneath the label and the label to be horizontally over it. 

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I’m curios abobut this too. Where would be the best place to customize the axisTitleLabel position? Currently I’m setting an AffineTransform to rotate my axis titleLabels in the alterTickMarkdelegate method. It doesn’t seem natural to do this here, because alterTickMark gets called for every tickMark. I tried setting the transform when creating the axis, which seems more natural, but with no success.


Hi - currently this isn’t supported directly by the chart, however if you manually set the axis’ label’s frame after a layout you may be able to position it how you need. Alternatively, as the chart doesn’t support it, there is always the option of positioning a UILabel directly over the axis. I’ve noted this in our backlog as a possible future feature :slight_smile: