Background Gridlines in Android



Is there any option to display Grid lines on plot area background in Android Version?  I tried many ways to enable grid lines but not finding the option to enable it as in case of iPhone version = YES;

Thanks in Advance


Hi Timson,

Gridlines and stripes are not supported in V1.1 of Shinobi Charts for Android. However, V1.2 does include them and is due out very soon (it’s just going through QA). Your code will look something like this:


Best regards,

Robin Sillem


Hi there,

I have just updated to Shinobi Charts for Android version 1.2, and this can now be done.

I just found the update myself (pure luck) can we register to a forum thread where new releases are posted? Or a mail notification?

How are we to find out new releases of Android?

Thx, Harm

PS stacked column charts would realy be cool to have in the Android version as well.


Hi Harm,

We put V1.2 up on the website yesterday, but the notification email is only going out today, as there are a variety of new developments across the suite and we didn’t want to spam everyone with lots of separate messages. You should be getting an email from us soon, or maybe already, by the time you read this.

Best regards,

Robin Sillem