BarChart Multiseries



I’m newbie at using Shinobi. I want to prepare a bar chart with one yValue, multiple xValues. Like as image

bar chart

Please help or direct me about doing this chart.


  1. Use a SChartCategoryAxis for the yAxis.

  2. For the series use a SChartBarSeries.  (in this case two: green and red)

  3. The datapoints should then provide the same yValue for bars that should be grouped together. Value can be string or number.


Thanks for Replay duemunk,

I have tried your solution, it grouped same yValues and draw a 1 bar with avarage of xValue’s of grouped yValue. I want to draw 2 bar for 2 xValues of grouped yValue. Where am I missing?



duemunk’s answer is correct. You should have two bar series - with a category y-axis. Any bars with the same y-value will be grouped together. I’m not  sure why they would appear as an average? Are you setting the stackIndex on the series? 

I’d expect your datapoint creation code to look something like this:

dp.yValue = @"API";

if (seriesIndex) {
    dp.xValue = @10; //green value
} else {
    dp.xValue = @15; //red value

If you’re still having trouble could you paste the code that creates the bar series and the code that creates each data point and we’ll see if we can work out what’s happenning.


Thank You stu, 

I was setting the stackIndex to 1. When I remove that statement, draw chart correctly.


Hi ,

I am drawing bar chart vertically using columnseries. i have to show only one bar chart on graph.

Graph width looks more, how can i chnage default width of bar on chart.

Thanks in Advance,