BarSeries with only 1 datapoint in each


I want to show 3 BarSeries with only 1 datapoint in each. Each series will have a different Bar color. I have done the code for this and get the graph too. But the Axis Tickmarks aren’t placed at the centre of the Bar. I have x-Axis as NumberAxis & y-Axis as CategoryAxis.

Please suggest a solution for this.


Hi jagritishaigal,

When you use a different series for each point, the chart lays out the bars to leave space for one point in each series at each y-value, which is why the bars aren’t centered on the tickmarks.

The recommended way to customize the color of the bars is to use individual point styling. There’s a full working example on github - you’d just need to subclass SChartBarSeries instead of SChartColumnSeries.

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I guess I have a very old version of Shinobi so I am not able to use this method provided. Please suggest another solution.


Hi jagritishaigal,

The way we used to recommend doing this was to set the stackIndex on each series to the same value, e.g.

barSeries.stackIndex = @1;

Note that we’ve done a lot of work on shinobicharts in the last 3 years - maybe you could download a free trial and take a look at what’s changed?

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I have X axis as Numbers with +ve/-ve values. The Chart plotted is attached. I need to add annotations too for each series. Please suggest a fix for this ambiguity I am facing.



Are you asking how to add annotations or are you having difficulty with existing annotations that you have added? I’m unclear if your image is a screen shot of a chart, or a proof of concept type image ?