BITCODE enabled version for iOS


Will there be coming a bitcode enabled version of Premium Charts for iOS soon?

We are implementing AppleWatch parts in our app and this requires all used libraries to be compiled with BITCODE enabled.

Please let me know,

Best regards, Harm


Hi Harm,

We’ll be including bitcode compliance to our frameworks in our iOS9 compatibility releases. We’ll be looking to release these versions of our products soon after the release full release of iOS 9 and Xcode 7.

I hope that info is useful! smiley lol




Thank you very much! I hoped so, but good to hear this will be released soon after Xcode 7 final.  smiley


smiley grin Good luck on the compiling of the new release!


We now have shinobicharts 2.8.4 available for download in our Customer Portal which is bitcode compliant.  smiley lol


Yes, we downloaded this already and tested it, works great!  smiley grin smiley grin smiley grin smiley grin