Bring one Series over Another


I have a shinobi chart with Column and line series. The Line series are at say index 3 & 4 and Column series are @ index 1 & 2.

The chart is getting rendered. But the Line Series is getting drawn below the column series and its hiding the line in some cases.

Is there any way in which we can bring one Seris on top of another.


Hey kpandian,

The order in which the series are drawn is that the series at index 0 is drawn as the closest series, with higher indices being drawn further back.

To get lines drawing on top of the columns, simply have the lines at index 0 and 1, and the columns at index 2 and 3.


Thanks tkelly.

I thought that much. But i have a problem with that approach. The thing is, in my use case line series are not to be shown for some scenarios is not to be be shown. So to make the handling easier what i have done is that return the number of series as 2 or 4 depending on the condition. 

If i have to reverse the order of the series then i’m left with no option but to write some complex logic. So i was wondering is there is any API or any other means by which the drawing of the series can be changed.


You could specify a set order for your four series by returning them in the order you want them displayed (as Tom suggests), and use the series’ hidden property to hide the series, instead of reloading the datasource with less series?



Hey Jan,

Thanks for responding. I’ll need to reload the datasource as the data changes. Merely hiding the series wont help.