[Bug]? Chart not in Retina on iPhone5S


it is correct that the Charts are nonretina rendered on iPhone5S (iOS7)? 
First iPhone5S screen:

and the same on iPhone4 (iOS7):

any idea´s or it´s a bug?


Ok, i assume that under iPhone 5S the charts are drawn without antialiasing. it’s right?


Hi Mirko,

Yes you are correct.  Unfortunately, it appears that the 5s is not backwards compatible in its implementation of the multisampling (antialiasing) and broke charts on this device.  For the time being we have simply disabled AA for that device so at least it renders correctly (if slightly less nicely).  We are continuing to investigate the issue though and will hopefully be able to renable that soon (either when Apple fixes the underlying issue, or if we can find a work around).




I do have the same issue - it works fine on Iphone 4 wiith ios7. But for Iphone 5s it doesn´t work. When will the fix be available. Please also elborate regarding the workaround.


Hi Stig,

The latest versions of ShinobiCharts (2.5.6) is compatible with the iPhone 5s. If you are a ShinobiCare customer you can download this version from the customer portal.