Candlestick outline without breaking



I need Candlestick outline without breaking in the middle!

Please help!


Hello Mark

Thanks for getting in touch. I must advise that this is a known issue with our library. This issue is in our issue tracking system and we will investigate in due course.

We apologise for any inconvenience this issue may cause.

Thanks and kind regards,



Have your already fixed this issue?


i try v2.7.3-1 just now - and the issue is still present … :slight_frown:


Hi Guys,

We’ve fixed this locally and it will be included in our planned January release. 




Could you tell a more accurate date? It is very important for us because of our deadline


Hi Artsiom,

We can’t commit to a specific date but we’re planning a chart’s ‘hot fix’ release in the next couple of weeks which should address various bugs (the candlestick gap being one of them). I’ll pop a note down to update this forum thread as soon as the release is available. 

Jan Akerman



The hotfix that Jan mentioned is now available for download from our portal. Version 2.7.3.hotfix2 should fix the issue with gaps in candlestick outlines.

I hope that helps!