Cannot set which series is on top


Hi Shinobi folks,

I’ve found an issue that popped up recently (I’m not sure when build it appeared in). I used to be able to control which chart series appeared on top, second, third ect, however, it seems that I can no longer do that. This is a big problem for my apps becuase I need to display an overall line chart with fill at the bottom layer and lay additional informational series line charts (no fill) ontop of the background series.

It appears that I can no longer control the series layout with with seriesAtIndex callback. I’ve tried modifying this everyway I can think of with no predictable results.

Can you shed some light on this issue and what I’m doing wrong? I’m running chart version 2.5.7.

It looks like someone posted about this issue back in Nov and was confirmed as a problem, but still has no resolution. 

Thanks for the support and your comments.



Hi Wes,

This is a current issue with our rendering engine. We’re working on a fix as we speak and we’re hoping it won’t be too much longer. I’ll make sure I keep you up-to-date.


Thanks Stu!

Please do let me know. I’m wrapping up an update to several of my apps today for release to Apple. This issue is my last item I need to get resolved before releasing. 

Always appreciate the fast support from your team. 



Hi Stu,

Any update to this issue?