Can't Run Android Samples



I have signed up a trial account to check the library. After signing up, a zip file containing the samples was downloaded but I can’t run the sample apps (followed the readme files). 

The problem is com.shinobicontrols.charts.* classes are not found because the depedency









as specified in the pom file is not bundled in.

Any help would be appriciated because I need to showcase to my board members and explore customizablity to check if the this product answers my projects needs


Hi bugraoral,

Thanks for your interest in  shinobicharts for Android!

Currently, to run the sample apps you need to perform two steps:

  1. Import the sample apps into Android Studio. By opening the settings.gradle file in the samples folder it will open a new project with all the sample apps in.
    -> it looks like you’ve already done this step
  2. Add a new module to the project for the .aar file for the library and make each sample app depend on it.
    -> the instructions for importing the library as an .aar file can be found in the User Guide. You can then add the library as a dependency to each sample app module either directly in their build.gradle file or through the Project Settings dialog.

We are actually planning on modifying the sample apps in the download bundle so you don’t need to perform the second step yourself which will make it even easier to get them up and running. For now though, if you’re still having trouble getting the samples working do let us know.

Note, for the  Advanced Charting Kit sample apps, the Advanced Charting Kit library .aar file should already be there added as a module but you will need to follow the same instructions in step 2 above to add the dependency on the  shinobicharts library.

Kind regards,