Change color of scatter points with respect to min and max line in android


Image for the desired result in android


I have been trying to achieve the same as in the screenshot above. The screenshot is for the desired functionality in iOS.

Following is the criteria for the desired functionality:

  1. There need to be 2 lines Minimum and maximum lines on the charts (Acheived -  Added 2 annotaion lines).

  2. The points in the scatter series need to be red if they are below or above the above mentioned lines (Min - Max lines). This functionality was achieved to an extent. Set up a base line and handled the point color. But only one baseline was getting set up at once.

  3. There are no gauges mentioned for android.

Please suggest if 2 baselines can be setup at once for the chart or any other possible solution to achieve the desired result. Also please let us know how to make gauges (Linear and Radial) as provided in iOS.

We are planning to buy the library only if the mentioned functionalities are available for both the platforms.

In anticipation of your response.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Vishal,

Thanks for your query.

Firstly, I must advise that currently the Gauges product is only available on the iOS platform. Whilst there is a plan to achieve full parity between our Android and iOS products, I cannot give you a time line for when this will be the case. 

On to your next query - baselines. So whilst you cannot set up 2 baselines as you ask, you can achieve what you are looking for in a slightly different way. What you would need to do is to create 2 series of data, one to represent the values outside of the threshold (red in your example screen shot) and one to represent the values inside the threshold (green). You would use the PointStyle object of either series to set the colors accordingly:

I hope that you find this information useful - if you need any further help please ask.