Change legend background outside legend border



I have created a pie chart and legend of this pie chart is outside the plot area,

- (SChartLegend*)createLegend{

    SChartLegendStyle *lStyle = [[SChartLegendStylealloc] init];
    lStyle.areaColor = ashColor;
     SChartLegend *legend = [[SChartLegendalloc] initWithChart:_pieChart];
    [legend setStyle:lStyle];
    [legend setPlacement:SChartLegendPlacementOutsidePlotArea];
    [legend setPosition:SChartLegendPositionMiddleRight];
      return legend;

How can I change the color outside the legend?



You can customise the background colour of the chart itself if you want to change the colour outside the legend - this may be set via chart.backgroundColor :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!