Changing angle of bar chart gradient


Thanks for a great product! Unfortunately I feel like a beginner again as I transition from linecharts to bar charts.

I’m trying to create a gradient for a bar chart that fades from the top down, instead of the default left to right with the SChartSeries. Below is what I want to create:


With this code I get the following: = [UIColor blueColor]; = [UIColor whiteColor];

 > Capture

Is there a way to rotate this gradient 90 degrees? Where is it getting the black color? 


Hi Drinck,

It isn’t currently possible to change the angle of this gradient. I will forward this request directly to our development team, and they will decide whether to include this ability in any future releases.

As for the colour of your column, I opened up the bar chart sample project, and tried the same thing and it coloured my bars as expected. Could there be anything else you are doing to your bar styles at all?



Jan, Has the support been added since May 2013?


I’d also like to know if this has been added.


I’m also looking for solution for vertical gradient on bar chart however it seems that it is not supported.


Hi guys,

I’m afraid support hasn’t been added for this yet, however our product features are heavily customer driven, and I’ve noted your interest in vertically shading columns. I’ve linked this ticket to our internal tracker for this feature and we’ll be able to pop a response on here when the feature becomes available :slight_smile:

Kind regards,



Has support for gradient direction been added yet? This is an important feature requested by our client for choosing an iOS charting framework. We’d love to recommend ShinobiCharts to them so it would be great if there was movement on this or if anyone can recommend a workaround.


Our Advanced Charting Kit adds (amongst other functions) the ability to add directional and multi-stop gradients. Advanced Charting Kit is included with all of our subscription packages except Enthusiast and is a supplementary library to shinobicharts.
Please let us know if you need anything further.


Thanks so much Kai. Would you mind pointing me to the Advanced Charting Kit documentation? I’m not seeing it in the API docs (


Currently the documentation for the Advanced Charting Kit is only available from within our download bundle. Whilst way may publish this on our web site in the future, for the time being I would recommend you download a free trial, which will allow you to see the documentation.