Changing the Axis Position in Android



I have the requirement Where I need to have a chart whose axis are not at end but at the center(my X Axis should be having the range -10 to 10 and  Y Axis should also have the range -10 to 10  and I need the axis intersection at 0). My requirement is same as
I am trying to achieve it by xAxis.setPosition() but it only take two enum params. Is there any way to achieve this in android?

This is my main requirement which will decide whether to use ShinobiCharts in my current project or not. 


Hello Vivek.

Thanks for getting in touch. The shinobicharts for Android library does not natively allow the user to set the Axis position, akin to it’s iOS counterpart. This is something that is on our backlog but is currently not something that is heavily requested by our users. That said, we do base our future development on customer demand and as such I have registered your interest in this feature.

We do have a workaround which may be useful but it is generally intended for use with static charts, that is, charts without pan or zoom gestures enabled. If you would like to know more about this workaround please do let us know.