Chart: Area fill, not filling all



I have a simple SChartStepLineSeries that I want to have area fill on, but it is not filling properly. I have tried to set every area fill property I could find:

_series = new SChartStepLineSeries
                        CrosshairEnabled = true,                        
                        Style =
                                AreaLineColor = Colors.EdgeAccent,
                                AreaLineColorBelowBaseline = Colors.EdgeAccent,
                                AreaLineWidth = 1,
                                ShowFill = true,                                
                                AreaColor = Colors.EdgeAccent_A172,
                                AreaColorLowGradient = Colors.EdgeAccent_A128,
                                AreaColorBelowBaseline = Colors.EdgeAccent_A128,
                                AreaColorGradientBelowBaseline = Colors.EdgeAccent_A128,                                

Area fill, not filling

Am I missing some property, I would expect the chart to fill all the way down to the x-axis.



Hi LarsKJ,

I think this might be to do with the chart’s baseline. The area fill draws down to the series’ baseline, which is the minimum y-value by default (so I’m guessing your minimum y-value is 170?). You should be able to set the baseline to something like 150 to get the area fill to reach the bottom of the plot area.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



Thanks, and yes that really helps, did not know there was a Baseline property on the series. On the other hand, what is the purpose of the AreaColorXXXXBelowBaseline then?

Regards Lars


Hey Lars,

When your data crosses the baseline the fill will respect the colour of areaColorBelowBaseline. A simple use case for this would be having your baseline at 0, and a green fill on your chart when your data is positive, and a red fill when it is negative.