[chart] Axis loading random values first


When this chart loads, the first x axis label shows: 12-31-1969. Then, after panning or zooming the charts displays the correct label: 05-01-1942.

And when this chart loads, the y Axis displays 0.0 to 0.9 first then updates correctly: 25 to 65. How do I stop this? Are these related?

Unrelated: Is there a way to hide all Axis values?




Hi david,

Are you setting the axis yourself? If so, you may need to call [chart redrawChart] to get the axis to display properly.

As some background: December 31st 1969 is equivalent to “Day -1”, as the Unix Epoch is January 1st 1970 (i.e. unix time zero).

To hide the axis values, you can set “chart.xAxis.style.majorTickStyle.showLabels = NO”. You will need to call [chart redrawChart] after this too.