Chart is not redrawing (MonoTouch)


We have a problem when changing the chart from a LineSeries using ShowGridStripes + ShowMajorGridLines to PieSeries part of the chart is not redrawing. We have tryed using .RedrawChart  .LayoutSubviews .RedrawChartAnGL( True ) - noting is working.

When not using ShowGridStripes + ShowMajorGridLines everything is working, any suggestions?

We have also tryed the sample code “LineChartSample” for monotouch - this Sample has a Switch to change charttype but this sample is not working.



I’d suggest turning ShowGridStripes + ShowMajorGridLines off when you change to pie charts, they don’t have any meaning in that context. An alternative to changing chart types is simply to create a new chart and replace the old one.

The line chart sample does change chart types, from a line chart to a step line chart, but the data points are very close together, and the difference isn’t obvious until you zoom right in.



Lead Developer



Thank you for you quick answer - I have tried both ShowGridStrips + ShowMajorGridLines are off by pie charts. Even creating at new chart class replacing the old one is showing the same problem (know it sounds strange that at new class it having the same result). I am using at transparent background color - but even using a fixed background color is having the same problem.


Our charts are displayed inside a CollectionView - but we are also display other types of cells without “Display updating problem” - example TableView.


When Changing from Line to Bar - the GridLines are shortly displayed double (like the charts are displayed above each other - even creating at new chart class or using the same chart class - the result is the same - the lines are shortly double after a flash it looks ok.).