[chart] line sometimes renders incorrectly in versions 2.3.0+



we have encountered a problem with rendering of chart line in versions starting from 2.3.0. Below I have attached some images showing the problem.

In versions before 2.3.0 the chart renders correctly and it looks like this:

In versions starting from 2.3.0 the same data renders incorrectly - the chart looks like this:

In both cases chart data is exactly the same. The only thing we did was updating Shinobi Charts. What can cause this king of behaviour? Is this a known issue in versions 2.3.0+?


I have seen the same thing.  At this point, we are holding off on upgrading our apps.


We are also still using the old version because of this issue. However, there are some very useful new features in the new version which we would really like to use and this issue is blocking us.


I’m seeing what I think is the same issue on a regular line graph. I don’t know what causes it or how to fix it.

shinobi chart line problem

Also, as you can see the fill below the line seems to double over itself.

shinobi chart line problem

Is this actually the same issue or am I mistaken?


I see it the same way that Jay is seeing it.


I’m seeing this too, with 2.31 and 2.5 (skipped 2.3). Previously I was using 2.21 which seemed not to have this problem for me.

My problem manifests itself nearly identically as Jay’s image shows. 

I submitted a support ticket with Shinobi yesterday, but have not heard anything yet.


Hi All,

Thanks for reporting these issues. We have been kept very busy with the iOS 7 upgrades (Apple doesn’t give you much time to test!), however, we will make it a priority to address the issues you have observed. I’ll keep you posted.

Colin E.


Hi all,

I’m happy to report that we’ve fixed this issue in our development code and it should be making its way to our site soon! I’ll let you know once we’re through the QA process :slight_smile:



Any update on when this might be resolved or a work-around?


Hi fungifred,

The release is coming soon! We hope to have it out early next week :slight_smile:

Best regards,



Awesome, thanks for the update!


[This post has been removed as it contained erroneous information on our part.  Apologies - we`ve got a fix implemented and going through QA so should be coming in a few days!]


We have encountered this bug using iPad3 running iOS 6.1 and not the iPhone 5s. Does this fix apply to our problem or do we have a problem with different roots?



I am seeing this still with Shinobi Charts 2.5.3.  on non-iPhone 5s hardware.

Is there another update planned?



My understanding is the 5s Open GL issue is different than the line drawing issues that started this thread.  The release notes for the latest patch say it fixes the 5s issue, but nothing about the line drawing issue.  And that matches what I observed in the patch.

Maybe Rob posted the note about a fix to the wrong thread?


Hi all,

Yes sorry for the confusion - cobolton is right - Robs post was erroneous in this thread.  Ill get it edited.  The 2.5.3 release (and 2.3.1b release) were explicitly just for fixing the 5s bug and nothing else.  We wanted to keep the chance of regressions to a minimum for that issue as it effected all apps.  We do however have this OpenGL bug fixed and are planning a bug fix release including it this week or very early next week.

Sorry for the confusion all!



Hi, any news about this issue?


Hey everyone - we released version 2.5.5 last week and this issue is now fixed. If anyone has any further problems, please let us know!



bug occurance

Hello, Shinobi Team,

It seems that bug is still there, because i’ve updated the library version up to 2.5.5 and nothing have changed. 



Hey everyone - we released version 2.5.5 last week and this issue is now fixed. If anyone has any further problems, please let us know!


The latest release I see is 2.5.3 in the release section of the website… Was 2.5.5 pulled?