Chart Memory Usage


We are currently seeeing a large spike in memory usage as soon as we create a new ShinobiChart object and add it to the view.  There are two charts on screen.  One covers roughly half the iPad screen and the other covers roughly a quarter of the screen.  The memory jump is over 40mb which nearly doubles the app’s memory consumption.  Is this typical?  What does Shinobi recomend to reduce chart memory consumption?


Any ideas on this?  The ShinobiChart objects’ size is making it basically impossible for us to support iPad 1.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you’re having memory issues. Could you provide a bit more information about your charts, or some sample code? What types of series are you using in your charts and how many datapoints do you have in each? Alternatively, if you can send in a project which reproduces this spike to I can take a look for you :slight_smile:



Assuming these numbers are coming from allocation profiling in Instruments, are you running your tests in the simulator or on a real device? I’ve noticed the two are drastically different. For instance, I have a chart with ~6,000 points which uses only around 2.6MB memory on an iPad, but a whopping 21MB when running in the simulator.